Patricia Searing Ph.D.

Patricia Searing, Ph.D., is an expert educator, coach and organization development consultant. Engaging, insightful, and forward-thinking, Patricia brings a dynamic depth of knowledge and expertise to her work with individuals, groups, and organizations.

Empowerment Coach

Early in my work I became increasingly interested in integrating influences and aspects from different approaches into an effective and coherent method of personal growth and self-development. The form of coaching I created is not an eclectic combination of techniques I experienced or learned, it is a singular approach to the whole person. I call it Searing Method. Searing Method integrates both Eastern and Western spiritual and metaphysical traditions and infuses them with influences from self-help and motivational psychology, holistic health, parapsychology, consciousness research and quantum physics.

I combine the strengths of dialogue with bodywork/energy work, such as touch, postural alignment, or movement education and exercise with Human Development Psychology. This includes psychodrama, role play, and narrative storytelling to integrate inner awareness with emotional content. Thus, I help you become deeply aware of the answers you are looking for.

Searing Method is an interpersonal, relational intervention to aid you in coping with the problems of living. Benefits include an increased sense of well-being and reduced symptoms of discomfort. This training can often be the most beneficial way for clients to improve functioning and make meaningful changes in thinking and emotional reactions.

Professional Coaching / Strategizing

Professional Coaching assists you in creating your life as you want it to be and strategizing with you to get there. You are asked to develop goals, to delve into what you really want, and to work with me to make these dreams a reality. That is the lofty version of life coaching. The work that we do together however, is very down-to-earth. It involves assignments, homework, and accountability. It is fundamentally grounded in the real world of your day-to-day life. You are guided in choosing specific goals. Chances are you already know what you would like to be different. Life coaching helps you move from awareness to action, and even from non-awareness to action. Life coaching is an incredibly supportive and empowering experience for individuals. It is a very focused methodology for moving you forward in your life.

Organization Development Consulting

Organization Development Consulting is a formal process of assessing the development needs of businesses in the areas of people, growth, financials, and stakeholders. This service is designed for small and medium-sized businesses that need to stop losses or achieve the next level of success. This consulting service is useful for businesses at most stages of development. Consulting services are based on the needs of your business and your desired outcomes. You may find that you are doing some things exceptionally well and lagging behind in others. Organization Development Consulting helps you to identify your strengths and vulnerabilities, and make determinations about where and how to focus the limited resources of time, people, and money. Organization Development services includes Performance Management and Quality Improvement System Design, Team Building, and Training. Patricia Searing specializes in Future Search and Learning Organization technologies.

Performance Management & Quality Improvement System Design

This service covers a wide array of organizational needs within the framework of developing and implementing a continuous quality improvement structure that provides the organization with a vehicle for improvement efforts in the areas of process, performance, quality, change, leadership, staff planning, and retention. Consulting is based on the client’s needs and can include standardized assessments, project facilitation and management, custom-designed trainings for leaders and staff, on-going consultation or discrete interventions. A variety of methodologies can be deployed and integrated to meet the organizations needs such as strategy mapping, balanced scorecard development, and customer-focused quality.

Team Building

Team-Building Services are a targeted intervention based on the very specific dynamics of your organization or team. This type of activity is most beneficial to the organization when team-building is conducted to move a team forward in its work on a project or goal. Team Building Services can include interactive trainings and workshops, standardized assessments, and team facilitation. Team building is often included as a part of both the business development and organizational improvement consulting services.

Trainings & Workshops

Trainings and workshops for organizations are available on any of the topics listed above: business development, quality improvement, team building, strategic planning, business writing. The content of trainings and workshops is highly dependent on the needs of your business or organization and will be tailored to have the greatest benefit for your needs.

About Patricia

Patricia Searing is the Executive Director of Searing Education, Kansas City, MO, conducting research and education to actualize psychological processes in whole-person development through professional coaching, and organization development. She is an expert in assessment and process facilitation for change management.

Dr. Searing received her Masters and Doctorate degrees in Human and Organization Development from the Fielding Institute.

Patricia holds certifications from ATD (ASTD) in Master Instructional Design; Applied Behavioral Science from NTL; Biofeedback Technique from Esalen; and, Human Resource Management, University of Phoenix.

She has conducted numerous social science research studies and clinical trials to analyze the maintenance of a way of life and the commitment of resources to relationships, institutions, and support organizations that directly or indirectly maintain health.

Her publication topics are on intellectual and emotional learning, the Learning Organization, and deep learning in groups. She has published numerous works on integrative health and consciousness studies, including her new book: Natural Healing: Dimensions of a Healing Relationship.

352 pages
Complete with exercises and illustrations

$19.95 plus $4.00 shipping/handling

Natural Healing: Dimensions of a Healing Relationship

In this pioneering, major work on well-being, and healing research, Dr. Patricia Searing reveals innovative, fresh, and exciting ways to learn healing protocols that have the power to improve your health.

Patricia gives groundbreaking insights into the intimate connections between the mind, brain, body, and emotions. She provides astonishing new perspectives on what science has uncovered about the powers of the mind, and cellular-muscular memories.

Must reading for integrative healthcare professionals, for scientists, and for lay people seeking improved health, a richer personal life, and spiritual growth. Natural Healing: Dimensions of a Healing Relationship is the new frontier of body/mind health.

What People Are Saying About the Book…

Dr. Searing evaluates and applies past insights in the light of her own research and clinical experience to lead in the field of integrative healthcare. Recommended for all who want to both know about, but also practice, healing.

Robert N. Minor, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus, Kansas University

The content of this material has been literally a life changing experience for me! I encourage you to explore the potential it may have for you!

Fred Pryor
Fred Prior Seminars

This exciting book opens up new dimensions in the healing of the human body and the expansion of the soul and spirit into higher realms. Dr. Searing explores the relationship between healer and client, body and spirit, and current healthcare models and the emerging and powerful field of energy healing.

Paul R. Smith
Author of six books, including “Integral Consciousness”

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